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In Parenthesis is a collaborative project, which was set up to explore new and creative ways of doing philosophy. It is inspired by the work and friendships of the Quartet, and especially by Mary Midgley, who was involved in the project from the outset. We know from experience how beneficial collaboration, particularly intergenerational collaboration, can be. This site is an invitation to scholars and enthusiasts of the Quartet to make connections for themselves.

Since 2015, lots of reading groups have used the suggested schedule and podcasts on the Women In Parenthesis site. Need to find enthusiasts in your area? Join the network, to find fellow fans.

Joining the network means that you will provide a profile that is visible on the public pages of the site. Here you can detail your interests and area of research, let people know who you might want to connect with (for instance if you would like to set up a reading group, or if you were a teacher looking to incorporate philosophy into your classes learning), and provide your location (town / city / country).

You will also provide us with an email address that will be visible to all other network members when they are logged in.

Your profile can be as long or short as you like - it’s up to you how involved you want to be.

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