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Iris Murdoch, Philippa Foot, Elizabeth Anscombe, Mary Midgley



I am currently part of the interdisciplinary project The Somerville-group and the introduction of historical arguments in philosophy funded by The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and hosted by the Division of History of Ideas and Sciences, Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University, which aims to highlight and analyse the pioneering efforts made by the quartet in particular with regards to historical modes of argument and connections to earlier continental thought.

I am also currently working on exemplifying how engagement with fiction can be seen as furthering moral understanding from a moral perfectionist perspective through a series of close readings of John Williams’s novels and how a rapidly changing Artworld context necessitates novel understandings of role-specific duties virtues and commitments on both an individual and collective level.

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Gåvertsson, Frits (2023) Socratic Provocation in Art in Value, Morality & Social Reality: Essays dedicated to Dan Egonsson, Björn Peterson, & Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen.Garcia, A. G., Gunnemyr, M. & Werkmäster, J. (eds.). Lund: Department of Philosophy, Lund University.

Gåvertsson, Frits (2022) The Somerville Group and the re-shaping of anglophone moral philosophy Lychnos 2022: 319-323.

Gåvertsson, Frits & Hansson, Jonas (2022) Filosofers liv och tankar #51 – On the Somerville Group Podcast run by the Department of Philosophy, Lund University.

Gåvertsson, Frits (2022) ‘Filosofers liv och tankar #44 – Philosophical Thought Experiments’ Podcast run by the Department of Philosophy, Lund University.

Gåvertsson Frits (2021) ‘Attempts at reviving earlier thought: review of Bolton, Lucy (2019). Contemporary cinema and the philosophy of Iris Murdoch Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press and Diamond, Cora (2019). Reading Wittgenstein with Anscombe, going on to ethics Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University PressLychnos 2021: 369-372.

Gåvertsson Frits (2021) Om litteratur och filosofi Blogpost on Literature and Philosophy (in Swedish).

Gåvertsson, Frits (2020) Platonic Perfectionism in John Williams’ Stoner SATS Northern European Journal of Philosophy 21: 39-60.

Gåvertsson Frits (2019)‘Somervilleskolans filosofiska program Filosofisk Tidskrift 40(3): 39-47 (in Swedish).

Gåvertson, Frits (2018) Perfection and Fiction: A study in Iris Murdoch’s Moral Philosophy Lund: Media-Tryck. Doctoral Dissertation.


Lund, Sweden

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