Benjamin Lipscomb

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Iris Murdoch, Philippa Foot, Elizabeth Anscombe, Mary Midgley



I teach philosophy and intellectual history at a small liberal-arts college in rural western New York State. I also direct the honors program there and from time to time get to spend a season in London teaching our honors students. I have been reading these four philosophers since the late 1990s and writing about them since the late aughts.


Lipscomb, B. (2022). The Women are Up to Something: How Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Mary Midgley, and Iris Murdoch Revolutionized Ethics. Oxford UP. (

Lipscomb, B. (2021). Review of Gregory S. McElwain, Mary Midgley: An Introduction in Environmental Values, Volume 30, Number 3, June 2021, pp. 390-392(3) (

Lipscomb, B. and Stockton, J. (2021) 'The Anscombe-Lewis Debate: New Archival Sources Considered', in Journal of Inklings Studies, Volume 11 Issue 1, April 2021, pp. 35-37 (

Lipscomb, B. (2020). ‘The Women are Up to Something’. Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement, 87, 7-30. (

Lipscomb, B. (2015). 'Slipping Out Over the Wall', in Kidd, I.J. & McKinnell, L. (eds.), Science and the Self: Animals, Evolution, and Ethics: Essays in Honour of Mary Midgley. Routledge. (


Fillmore, Town of Hume, Allegany County, New York, 14735, USA

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