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Iris Murdoch, Philippa Foot, Elizabeth Anscombe, Mary Midgley

Women In Parenthesis Collaborator, Academic


Rachael Wiseman and I set up Women In Parenthesis in 2015, with the treasure that was a British Academy Small Grant. Since that time, we've come up with a couple of public engagement projects, focussing on the practice of philosophy: see Philosophy by Postcard and Notes from a Biscuit Tin (for Murdoch and Midgley's centenaries respectively). We've also written a book (Metaphysical Animals) and a few articles.

We continue to work on the Quartet, as well as number of important but relatively neglected figures that we consider take in (some of) the same streams of influence as the Quartet (including Donald MacKinnon and Dorothy Emmet). The AHRC grant that supported our writing of Metaphysical Animals was called PAGE (Perception, Action and the Genesis of Everyday Ethics). We are currently devising a new project on Space, Time and the Moral Imagination - this project will bring some earlier interests of mine into synchrony with aspect of the ethics and philosophy of action that we write about in Metaphysical Animals.


Work on one, two or all of the Quartet:
· (2022) Metaphysical Animals: How Four Women Brought Philosophy Back to Life. London: Chatto. (With Rachael Wiseman)
· (2022) ‘The Importance of Murdoch’s Early Encounters with Anscombe and Marcel’ (with Rachael Wiseman) In The Murdochian Mind. London: Routledge.
· (2021) ‘Sensation in Intention’ In The Anscombean Mind. London: Routledge.
· (2021) ‘Sensation and the Grammar of Life’ (with Rachael Wiseman), in Purpose and Procedure in Philosophy of Perception (OUP): pp. 276-294.
· (2021) 'Review of What is Philosophy For? by Mary Midgley', Mind 130 (518):698-706 
· (2020) ‘Getting the Measure of Murdoch’s Good’, European Journal of Philosophy, 28(1): 235-247
· (2019) ‘Depicting Human Form’, Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplementary Volume 87: 151-167


Durham, County Durham, North East England, England, DH1 3NE, United Kingdom

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